Publication date:2012/1/11 14:14:58

Product description: It has the appearance of a clear liquid, with characteristic odour and narcotic properties. Technical specifications: Standard: HG/T 2542-93

Specification Value
Aspect clear liquid
Colour Hazen max.15
Trichloroethylene content % Min. 99.5
Water content % Max.0.01
Density at 20ºC 1.460-1.466
Alkalinity (NaoH) % Max.0.025
PH 9-10
Evaporation residue% Max. 0.005
Free chlorine -Absent

In order to avoid decomposition, Trichloroethylene is stabilised with triethylamine or alkastop etc. Field of usage: Solvent in the chemical industry, as extraction agent for oil and fats in chemical laundries and for cold and hot degreasing of metallic peace’s Packing: drum, Net weight 280kg/drum, Gross Weight301kg/drum