Publication date:2012/1/11 14:29:31
Alternative name: 1, 1, 2, 2 -Perchloro- ethylene

Structural formula: Cl2C = CCl2 Molecular weight: 165.82 Technical quality conditions:

Technical data UM Values
Aspect clear liquid
Perchloroethylene, min % 99.9
Relative Density g/cm³ 1.615-1.625
Water, max. % 0.003
Residue on evaporation, max % 0.005
Colour Hazen, Max. ºH 15
Alkalinity (NaOH) max % 0.02

Applications: Solvent for cleaning and decreasing metals; cleaning agent in laundry works; intermediate in the chemical industry for obtaining chlorinated hydrocarbons; solvent for dyes, paints, lacquers, varnishes, fats, oils, tars and pitchers, rubber; for extractions in the pharmaceutical industry. Transport - storage: Drums, 20 or 40 t zincate or stainless tanks, provided by the producer or by the beneficiary.Stored in hermetically closed tanks, protected against light, moisture and heat Handling: Perchloroethylene is a toxic product and should not be inhaled. It should be handled with care, avoiding spillage’s. Persons employed to manipulate it should be instructed with regard to hazards and disposal. Adequate protective equipment, including breathing apparatus, should be worn. The working rooms must be well ventilated. Disposal: Spillage