Publication date:2012/1/11 14:54:15
Structural formula: CH2Cl2

Molecular weight: 84.93 Technical quality conditions:

Technical data Values Testing Methods
Aspect Clear Liquid Visual
Chroma (Pt-Co) 10 APHA
Relative density at 20C D4201.326Kg/L Proportion
Methylene chloride content,%,Min 99.9 Chromatogram
Water content,%, Max 0.01 Kart Fisher
Acidity (HCI), %,10-6,Max 4 Titration
Evaporation residue, 10-6 , Max 5 Weight
Free chlorine content Missing

Origin: China Packing, storage : product is packed in galvanized metal drum ,black Sheet iron drum or hermetic tank ,for the special user we can provide N2 protection. The product should be placed in dry, shady and cool storeroom which has good aerators. Avoid to touch high concentration Oxygen and Oxid, Far away from H2O to avoid Hydrolyzation. Packing in drum: Net weight : 250kg